Aksu Holding's Journey from the Past to the Present

Ali Asker Aksu, who started his political life at an early age with the Presidency of the SHP Youth Branch, respectively; In addition to active political life such as SHP Party Council Member, CHP District Vice President, Provincial Delegate and Congress Delegate, it continues its way as Aksu Holding, which started its commercial life in 2013 and gathered its subsidiaries in all fields in which it operates as of 2020.

Continuing its activities in a wide range from construction to textile, from textile to health sector, Aksu Holding also continues its activities in the food and beverage sector with its franchising business “Dilek Café and Restaurant”.

Keeps Growing

Aksu Holding, which creates employment for more than 1000 people in all its subsidiaries, actually touches thousands of people.

About Us

Step by Step Always Getting Better

Under the leadership of Ali Asker Aksu, Aksu Holding, which has carried its success in professional life to social life since the first day with the motto of the Bright Side of Strong Turkey, carries out many social responsibility projects. He presents to the Turkish people what he has earned from Turkey in more than one field, from the education of young people and children to the care and health of the elderly. On the one hand, it responds to the voices of children in need of educational support in Tunceli, on the other hand, it does not neglect its support to Turkey’s most well-established aid institutions such as Darülaceze.

These works, which are personally followed by Aksu Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Asker Aksu, continue without slowing down.

Our Vision

To be a leading corporate group that will carry the affiliates that it will create in the future together with the present ones to the next generations.

Our Mission

To carry our group of companies, which is advancing with an innovative approach, every day, with the aim of continuing by bringing together the past and future affiliates in our existing fields.

About Us

The Bright Face of Strong Turkey

Aksu Holding is launching another project with the foresight of Aksu Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Asker Aksu, who is a congress member of the Fenerbahçe Sports Club, to which he is loyally affiliated. Aksu Hospital, which is held in Istanbul Çekmeköy, is participating in the healthcare sector, which is Turkey’s honor in the world.

Aksu Holding, which adds to its successes every day, will continue to be the bright face of Turkey from now on.