The message of the president

I set out on this road with the aim of adding value to my country, our citizens and our society by carrying my achievements in the political arena, which I have been educated and have been in for years, into my commercial life.

In every sector we have experienced, our goal has always been to achieve success by creating benefits for the society. Our commercial life, which started in the construction sector, has grown day by day. We continue to maintain our presence in the textile, food and beverage and health sectors, respectively.

None of the successes we have achieved has left us complacent. I believe that the excitement of contributing to the country’s economy with our increasing energy and the employment power we create will always carry us forward.

We act knowing that all segments of society have a share in every value we create and that sharing is valuable. I have never forgotten my homeland, where I owe my heart, and the city where I was born. I have worked to make every success I have gained contribute to them, and I continue to do so. I do my best to raise my children, who are my most precious possessions in the world, to this motto. And I have full faith that one day they will act with the motto of Aksu Holding and become the “Light Face of Strong Turkey”.

The message of the president